Our Therapists

Our nine therapists have a wealth of experience and expertise to meet your specific needs.  If you need any guidance with therapist selection, or have any questions regarding our therapists, insurance, or appointment availability, please call us at 574-213-9413 or drop an email via our Contact page.  We’re here to help.


Dr. James F. Brogle, Ph.D., H.S.P.P.

South_Bend_Psychologist_Jim_BrogleMy primary goal, as a therapist, is to improve the quality of life for all those who come into my office by improving their ability to deal with whatever life has, or will, throw their way. Whether your “emotional baggage” is from yesterday or when you were a young child, I have a variety of therapy techniques that can help you process the situation or event to help you leave it in the past and move forward.

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Dr. Philip M. Sutton, Ph.D., LMFT, LCSW

Philip_Sutton_Therapist_South_BendI offer therapy, counseling and other professional care to persons dealing with a variety of personal and interpersonal concerns.  When appropriate, I encourage clients to use spirituality, religious practice and faith resources in the achievement of their personal and interpersonal goals.

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Sandra Lovely, LCSW

20140905_100702-745x611I enjoy collaborating with clients to process, problem-solve and encourage them on their way through either short or long- term difficulties or adjustments.  My methods for counseling include insight-oriented, cognitive-behavioral, guided imagery and healing prayer.

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Libby K Christianson, LCSW, LCAC

PictureMy areas of specialty include children and teens, couples and families, depression and anxiety. I have a trained Therapy Dog that I sometimes use for animal assisted therapy. I also was an elementary and junior high school counselor for 22 years.

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Diana Marchunt  MEd, LCSW, ICAC II,

In my20160122_104329 practice I strive to foster a safe, comfortable, and supportive setting. This enables me to meet people where they are in their process of growth, change, and exploration that ideally promotes and sustains positive forward movement toward their goals.


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Steven Bright, MA, LCSW

20161013_073248bMany times life provides circumstances that get in the way of a person’s goals, aspirations, and many times daily life functioning whether it be job, school, marriage, etc. My goal is to help people regain the strength that each person holds in themselves to overcome those stressful life burdens and regain a hope in themselves.

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Susan Dunn, LCSW, LMFT, LMHC

Susan Dunn South Bend Therapist I work with individuals, couples, families and groups, from ages 10 to 90+, from all walks of life. I feel it is important to recognize and work with a client’s strengths to help him/her reach his/her desired goals.

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Dr. Carol Tageson, Psy.D.

South Bend Therapist Carol Tageson I work to provide my clients tools for change and growth, within a safe, empathetic setting.  I believe that everyone who comes into our practice brings with them a unique set of strengths, as well as obstacles to change.  My focus is on the interaction and integration of mind, body and spirit.

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Dr. V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., H.S.P.P.

Therapist at the Stress Recovery Center - Dr. Thomas MawhinneyI have been treating individuals, families and children in my own, independent practice within the Stress Recovery Center facilities since 1979.


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